US Airways Website Annoys Frequent Fliers

Yesterday I tried to arrange travel with my US Airways Dividend Miles and came away from the experience annoyed and frustrated. It started with a recent email I’d received, which provided my account information. There were links on the left side of the email, including one called, “Use Miles”. I decided to use my miles […]

Great Customer Service in a Small Business

Call us at 713-234-6346 for more information about improving your business customer service.  IX Brand SEO Services delivers business Internet marketing services to clients in Houston and around the Nation from our office in Sugar Land, TX. Great Customer Service in a Niche Small Business One of the things that’s often so special about a […]

Yellow Pages Moving to Extinction

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story titled, “Extinction Threatens Yellow-Pages Publishers” forecasting substantial declines for Yellow Pages print and online ad spending. It’s not surprising given the industry’s general failure to adapt from its print business model to the Web. The Web provides people with an easy way to select a business from […]